Present  - Stoney Creek New York, Hadley Road area. Multiple dogman sightings encountered by a woman and her son. They were seen crossing the road a few feet in front of her car as she was driving from her house to the store. Dogman is black and estimate height is 8ft.

​Present - Stark County Ohio - German Shepard Kennel. 8 of 15 dogs killed in the yard. Owner saw a large black figure in the woods. He believes its responsible. He moved an hour away after the last dog was killed. House is vacant and sits on 5 wooded acres.

12-14-17 - South of Shreveport Louisiana - two Law Enforcement officers encountered two dogmen as close as 7ft away.

​12-10-17 - Taylor Mississippi, possible giant black Dogman walking down trail with deer over shoulder.

​12-2-17 - Jedediah Smith redwoods state park California - Hiker encountered Dogman off trail interacting with other screaming hikers. The eyewitness saw a large black dogman and snapped a few photos. 

NADP researchers/hunters in Montana say that this is a "BUFFALO WOLF".  Fairly rare but it is most definitely Canis Lupus. The largest breed are Gray Wolves, aka.Yukon Wolves, who average 132lbs. Canis Dirus or Dire Wolf, extinct, average 150lbs. So thats why some people think they are a Dire Wolf.

​These photos are courtesy of  - WBIR Channel 10 Knoxville, Tennessee. They posted these because they were unsure of what this might be. They even stated that it could be a possible "DOGMAN".

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Possible Dogman track - Oklahoma 2018

Possible Dogman track - West Virginia 12/2018

Horicon Marsh Wisconsin eyewitness video 2018 

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Ohio eyewitness watched a dogman attack his tree as it fled his yard angered - 2018

Jedediah Redwood state park photo findings


The NADP is made up of volunteer researchers in many states of the continental US, and growing. Many of our researchers have backgrounds in the fields of law enforcement, former military, and other crypto groups. Most are experienced observers, hunters and possess good tracking experience and ability. Many NADP members have professional technical knowledge, in handling equipment for evidence collection purposes. Our researchers are available full time, and we welcome anyone who is willing to aid us in the hunt..  

​Our Mission:

The goal of the NADP is to gather as much information about the creature phenomenon known as the "Dogman'. We seek to unite researchers in one common goal, consolidating and sharing the knowledge we are gathering. As the NADP team grows across the US and Canada, so does our knowledge.

Possible Dogman sighting in Northern Indiana

Ohio truck driver delivering fuel sees a black wolf-like animal jump down from a tank, run behind a building, climbed on top and observed him.  2018