NEWS UPDATE: 6-21-17

We have been getting lots of requests for new members and encounters. We have reached 152 members as of 6-1-17.

We are working diligently on getting hats and shirst together.

Some things to look forward to:

1.) MidSouth Paracon - Louisville Kentucky July 21-23, 2017

2.)Scarefest - Lexington Kentucky September 29th-October 1st 2017 

 If you need assistance please dont hesitate to contact us.​

​​​NADP 88 page Investigators Field Manual

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The NADP is made up of volunteer researchers in many states of the continental US, and growing. Many of our researchers have backgrounds in the fields of law enforcement, former military, and other crypto groups. Most are experienced observers, hunters and possess good tracking experience and ability. Many NADP members have professional technical knowledge, in handling equipment for evidence collection purposes. Our researchers are available full time, and we welcome anyone who is willing to aid us in the hunt..  

​Our Mission:

The goal of the NADP is to gather as much information about the creature phenomenon known as the "Dogman'. We seek to unite researchers in one common goal, consolidating and sharing the knowledge we are gathering. As the NADP team grows across the US and Canada, so does our knowledge.

 What is A Dogman?
1 NADP Pg1 
2 NADP Contacts Pg 3 
3 Code of Conduct Pg 4 
4 Casework Before the Field Pg 8 
5 Witness Interviews  Pg 15 
6 Field Research Process Pg 21 
7 Field Equipment: Proper Research Pg 29 
8 Casting Pg 35 
9 After the Field Pg 39 
10 Public Affairs Procedure Pg 41 
11 NADP Forms Pg 43 
12 NADP helpful photos Pg 55

NADP Team Field Journal 
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NADP DVD coming soon!!!

Our Latest NADP hardware addition:

The DJI Phantom 2 drone with professional Zenmuse gimble and GoPro Hero 3. This will allow us to investigate areas that are harder to reach especially around water. It will also give us a birds-eye view of large fields of grass, wheat, corn etc... 

The NADP is located in Cincinnati, Ohio